LAND for sale - do or not do?

When you are purchasing land, is not easy as it looks. Buying land requires extensive research. Sometimes the obvious will stand out but other times a little more research needs to be done. Good starting step when purchasing land is to conduct a survey. Contact differently a surveyor so that you can get a quote, every surveyor will have their own rate, so ask around. A survey will help you figure out the boundaries of the land. Always god idea to conduct a survey even if the properties around already have fences. ( You never know if your neighbor's land is encroaching to the land). Talk to the city, utility companies, contractors, engineers, architects. Have a plan of what you are looking to build and talk to city. Every city has regulation as to what you can and cannot build on the land. Does the property have sewer or would you need a septic tank? How much would a septic system works? How close is the electricity to the land? These are few of the questions that you should think when buying a land. Questions are part of your purchasing process, so don't forget to ask questions and do research.

My advice, do not buy land without professional help and be ready to ask all kinds of questions. Contact your real estate agent.

Are the property lines visible? Think again

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