Couple of tips when inspecting your home

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

When buying your home, it is a good idea to request an inspection period. This period will allow you to inspect the property and hire the right people to inspect your home. When inspecting your home is always a good idea to 1) hire a home inspector, the home inspector will be able to point out items that are important to the house or if any update needs to be done. 2) Hire an appraiser - an appraiser will help you determine the property value. 3) Plumber - always good idea to have some one check on the sewer for the property you are buying, especially if the property is older. Keep in mind that your inspection period allows you to question and investigate anything that you are interested on finding about the property. 4) Reach out to the city - calling the city will allow you to find more information about the house. 5) Buyer advisory - request your real estate agent to provide you wit the buyer advisory. these documents will help you think about issues or question to think about the inspection period. 6) Reach out to your real estate agent (Realtor) to help you in your real estate purchase, or sell.

These are few ideas to think about when buying or selling. Reach out to your real estate agent (Realtor) is one of the most important steps to take and to get more information.

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